Yves Lamson is a second generation Filipino-Canadian writer who takes from the Philippine oral tradition to spin tales of fantastic creatures.  He also enjoy writing around the historical elements of the islands he is wistful and wondrous for.  He is a writer by profession, but at the core he’s a storyteller.  Interested in preserving the intangible histories, he writes the stories down as tool to not forget, to keep the precious things safe.

He holds a Bachelors of Arts from York University, majoring both in English and Creative Writing, and also holds a certificate from the Humber School for Writers.  Often he’ll put on writing workshops for adults and young adults alike, having amassed, curated, and organized various writing exercises he believes are useful and fun for both budding and amateur writers.  An active member of the Pluma Collective in Toronto, as well as The Filipino-Canadian Writers and Journalists Network, he hopes to bring Philippine culture to the Canadian literary scene by way of his stories.

While he has many projects constantly on the go such as short stories and children’s books in various states of completion, his current major project is the launch of his novel, Bodies of Water

Born in Toronto, he lives and writes in Stouffville on his five-acre farm with his trusty side-kick Tux, an all-black German Shepherd who loves to chase the chickens.